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Announcing New JWG Co-Editor!

Gender and Sexuality Womxn in Student Affairs
March 15, 2024

JWG is proud to announce the appointment of a new Co-Editor, Christa J. Porter who will join Laura Parson and Natasha Croom on the Editorial Team. The addition of a third Co-Editor is a welcome change to JWG's Editorial Team, as the journal has experienced a significant increase in submissions. 

Christa's 3-year term as Co-Editor began at the NASPA conference in early March 2024, as the term of Jeni Hart, former Co-EIC, ended at that time. The journal is very grateful to Jeni for her illustrious service to JWG and plans to honor her at a virtual meeting in April. 

Christa biography follows: 

Dr. Christa J. Porter (she/her) is Associate Dean of the Graduate College and Associate Professor of Higher Education Administration and Student Affairs at Kent State University. As a leader, theorist, and critical qualitative researcher, Dr. Porter’s praxis is grounded in Black feminist and intersectional onto-epistemologies. Broadly, she examines trajectories of development, socialization, and praxis in higher education and student affairs. She has particular interest and expertise in Black women’s experiences into and through higher education as students and faculty.

Dr. Porter has been nationally recognized for her scholarship, teaching, mentoring, and service. Her work appears in high-impact journals, such as the Review of Educational ResearchJournal of College Student DevelopmentJournal of Higher EducationGender, Work & OrganizationJournal of Student Affairs Research and Practice; and Journal of Women and Gender in Higher Education. She also co-edited four texts: Applying Black feminist epistemology, research, and praxis: Narratives in and through the academy (2023, Routledge); The state of Black women in higher education: A critical perspective 20 years later (2023, New Directions for Student Services); Small & mighty: Student affairs at small colleges and universities (2023, NASPA); and Cases studies for student development theory: Advancing social justice and inclusion in higher education (2020, Routledge). 

She joined NASPA as an alum of the National Undergraduate Fellows program (M/NUPF) c/o 2003, and has since served the association in various roles: conference program reviewer and research paper discussant; inaugural speaker for the Center for Women’s lunch and learn series; planning team member for the Undergraduate Student Conference; Associate Editor of NASPA’s Journal of Student Affairs Research and Practice; and awardee of Region IV-E’s research and practice grant. Prior to joining the academy as a faculty member, Dr. Porter served as a full-time administrator in multicultural affairs, student and residence life, commuter affairs, and student government. While in her doctorate program, she gained invaluable small college experience at Agnes Scott College and Emory University.

Dr. Porter earned her doctoral degree in College Student Affairs Administration and an Interdisciplinary Qualitative Research Studies certificate from the University of Georgia; her master’s degree in Higher Education from the University of Maryland, College Park; and her bachelor’s degree in Social Relations and Policy from Michigan State University’s James Madison College.