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2021 Regional Conference Committee

Region IV-W
July 8, 2020 Brett Bruner Arkansas Tech University

Members of the 2021 NASPA Region IV-West Conference Committee have been selected. The following members of NASPA Region IV-West will be instrumental in planning our 2021 Regional Conference, which will be held November 9-11, 2021, in Tulsa, Oklahoma:

  • Case Study Co-Chairs: Anneke Bruwer, Residential Life Coordinator at Colorado College; and Carla Stein, Dean of Student Affairs at Front Range Community College, Boulder County Campus
  • Communication & Marketing Co-Chairs: Alma Hidalgo-Blankinship, Employment & Student Development Coordinator at Wichita State University; and Travis Tucker, Jr., Associate Director of the Center for Diversity & Inclusion at Washington University in St. Louis
  • Conference Support Chair: Kay Robinson, Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs at the University of Central Oklahoma
  • Local Arrangements Co-Chairs: Kassey Steele, Director of Student Life at Tulsa Community College; and Sara Watkins, Assistant Director of Student Engagement at the University of Central Oklahoma
  • Major Speakers Co-Chairs: Ashley Buchman, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs at Arkansas State University-Newport; ShaRhonda Maclin, Assistant Dean of Students/Executive Director of Housing & Residence Life at the University of Oklahoma; and Brad Patterson, Vice President for Student Affairs & Student Success at Henderson State University
  • Pre & Extended Sessions Chair: John Mark Day, Director of Leadership & Campus Life at Oklahoma State University
  • Principal Advisor for Indigenous Engagement: Tiffany Smith, Director of Student Engagement at Oklahoma City University
  • Programs Co-Chairs: Amber Manning-Ouellette, Assistant Professor & CSD Master’s Program Coordinator at Oklahoma State University; and Alyssa Wendel, Academic Advisor at Kansas State University-Polytechnic
  • Registration Co-Chairs: Andrea Guimaraes, Director of Student Development & Engagement at St. Louis College of Pharmacy; and Heidi Hoskinson, Vice President for Enrollment Management/Registrar at Rogers State University
  • Technology Chair: Charles Keefer, Director of Students & Residence Life at Pratt Community College
  • Volunteers & Special Projects Chair: Alejandra Munoz, Early College Coordinator at South Arkansas Community College
  • Awards Coordinator: Abby Coffin, Director of the Undergraduate Advising Center at the University of Kansas
  • Conference Treasurer: Lori Lander, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Campus Life at the University of Arkansas
  • Knowledge Communities Coordinators: Laura Anderton, Director of Sorority/Fraternity Life & Leadership at the University of South Dakota; and Vince Bowhay, Vice President for Student Affairs at Independence Community College
  • NUFP Coordinator: Lauren Wilson, Graduate Student at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock
  • Sponsorships Coordinator: Delton Gordon, Associate Dean for Residence Life at Arkansas Tech University
  • Regional Director: Teresa Clounch, Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs at Fort Hays State University
  • Assistant to the Regional Director: Chris Gist, Executive Administrative Specialist at Fort Hays State University


We look forward to seeing you in Tulsa in 16 months for the 2021 NASPA Region IV-West Conference!