Region VI Graduate Rising Star Award

Region VI
Application Deadline: August 7, 2020 | Award Type: regional

The Graduate Rising Star Award recognizes a student pursuing a masters or doctoral degree in a student affairs-related degree program for their achievement, involvement, and potential in the student affairs profession. The recipient will receive a complementary registration for the NASPA Western Regional Conference as well as a $250 travel scholarship to attend the conference from Region VI.

Award Criteria:

  •        Current enrollment in a masters or doctoral program in student affairs, higher education, or a related field at an institution in NASPA Region VI

  •        The intention of pursuing a career within student affairs

  •        Involvement in campus activities and/or organizations

  •        Leadership and innovation in their assistantship, internship, and/or cooperative experience

  •        Potential for significant contributions to the student affairs profession

Presented By

Region VI

Nomination Guidelines

Nominating someone is easy! One person should coordinate the submission and follow these steps.
  • STEP 1: Write a letter of nomination

  • STEP 2: Collect two (2) letters of support or endorsement.

  • STEP 3: The person coordinating the nomination should gather the nomination materials then go online to submit. You must upload all of the information at the same time. This person should then submit the nomination letter, letters of support online.

  • STEP 4: Submit the nomination by the published deadline!

Questions? Christine Quemuel, Nominations and Awards Chair, at

Past Recipients - Region VI Graduate Rising Star Award

2019 – Stephen Hosburg, Northern Arizona University

2018 – Lajoya Shelly, University of Hawai’i at Manoa

2017 – Negeen Lotfi

2016 – Marcela Ramirez, University of California, Riverside

2015 – Alyssa Galmish, Northern Arizona University

2014 – Julio Flores, University of Southern California

2013 – Devon Guidox, University of the Pacific

2012 – Sammy B. Sotoa, California State University, Fullerton

2011 – Danielle Quinonoes, San Diego State University

2010 – Viridiana Guerra, Azusa Pacific University

2009 – Leslie Nichole Williams, University of California, Los Angeles

2008 – Kristina Juarez, University of the Pacific

2007 – Cesar Figueroa, University of California, San Diego

2006 – Tony Ribera, University of Redlands

2005 – Sheryl Leah Mauricio, University of Southern California

2004 – Maisha Beasley, University of the Pacific

2002 – Matthew Visser, Azusa Pacific University

2001 – Andre Coleman, Concordia University