Region V Scott Goodnight Award for Outstanding Performance as a Dean

Region V
Application Deadline: September 8, 2024 | Award Type: regional

This award is conferred upon a professional who has served as a Senior Student Affairs Officer for more than 15 years and has made exemplary contributions to the student affairs profession. This award honors NASPA’s founding Board Chair (1919-20) and former dean of men at the University of Wisconsin. Recipients demonstrate the following: 

  • sustained professional service and leadership within NASPA;

  • exemplary managerial and administrative skills;

  • merited stature among and support of students, faculty, and fellow administrators on the campus served;

  • strategic and innovative response in meeting varied and emerging needs of a campus;

  • effectiveness in the development of junior staff members;

  • significant contributions to the field through publications and involvement in multiple professional associations; and

  • collaborative, effective and inspirational leadership in university and community affairs.


For national award consideration, nominees must meet the following criteria:



  • Serves as home institution’s Chief Student Affairs Officer

  • Seen as collaborative, effective, and inspirational by a range of campus constituencies

  • Strategic and innovative in providing programs and services to students

  • High level of competency in developing staff

  • Active individual NASPA membership


  • Exemplary managerial and administrative skills

  • Extended length of service to the student affairs profession and as a Chief Student Affairs Officer

  • Leadership in greater campus and community affairs

  • Significant contributions to literature about student affairs and higher education

  • Significant contributions to professional associations

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Region V