Region V NUFP Champion Award

Region V
Application Deadline: September 8, 2024 | Award Type: regional

Each year Region V recognizes outstanding members by honoring individual professionals with regional awards.

This award is conferred upon an institution or individual who has made strategic investment in the NASPA Undergraduate Fellows Program.  Larry Roper of Oregon State University was the inaugural recipient in 2014.

If given to an institution, this award may be presented to the professional(s) responsible for organizing the successful NUFP Program.  

NUFP Champions demonstrate the following characteristics:

  • furthering the professional growth of students in the NUFP program

  • connecting students to opportunities

  • invested significant time into the NUFP Program and NUFP students

  • may have invested significant money/funds into the NUFP Program and NUFP students


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Region V