Region IV-East Undergraduate Student Rising Star

Region IV-E Undergraduate
Application Deadline: September 9, 2022 | Award Type: regional

This award recognizes an undergraduate student for achievement, involvement, and potential in the Student Affairs profession. It is presented to an undergraduate student at each of the state/province college(s) or universities within Region IV-East who is actively involved in the Division of Student Affairs and has intentions of pursuing an advanced degree in Student Affairs. Each state/province within Region IV-East may have a recipient for the Undergraduate Student Rising Star award.

Winners will be notified in September and the presentation of the awards will be at the 2022 NASPA Joint IV-East and IV-West Regional Conference in November. 

In addition to the regional recognition that accompanies this award, the recipient will be considered for the National NASPA Undergraduate Rising Star Award.


  • Current enrollment in an undergraduate degree program with Junior or Senior status
  • Demonstrated academic achievement
  • Intention to pursue a career and/or advanced degree in the field of Student Affairs
  • Significant contribution to their institution through service to others, outstanding leadership skills and going above and beyond what other students are contributing to campus
  • Helping to make the campus culture a positive experience for students
  • NASPA membership is not required for this award 



Tess Barker, Awards & Innovation Coordinator 

[email protected]


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