Region III Bob E. Leach Award for Outstanding Service to Students

Region III
Application Deadline: November 8, 2021 | Award Type: regional

Award Criteria:

  1. Genuine and sincere sense of caring and concern for students;
  2. A commitment to personalized student experiences and evidence of successful efforts in humanizing the campus community;
  3. High quality interaction with individual students and student groups;
  4. Evidence of successful student advocacy;
  5. Evidence of performance 'above and beyond the call of duty’ while serving multiple roles within the campus community;
  6. Each nomination must include a letter of support from a student; and
  7. Must be a current member of NASPA Region III.

Winners will be notified in March and the presentation of the awards will be in June 2022.

Each nomination should include a letter of nomination, at least three letters of support, and the nominee's resume and contact information.

Questions? Dr. Nicholas Hudson and Dr. Stephen Howard, Co-Chairs, Region III Awards and Nominationsat [email protected] and [email protected]