IPKC Outstanding Indigenous Student Support Program Award

Indigenous Peoples
Application Deadline: October 15, 2021 | Award Type: knowledge community

Outstanding Indigenous Student Support Program Award

This award honors a professional or group of professionals who have developed a new or enhanced an existing program that directly or indirectly impacts the personal and academic development of Indigenous students. The program must facilitate learning and engage Indigenous students or staff; can be a one-time event, or a coordinated series of events, activities, and resources intended to promote Indigenous student success.



Evaluation of nominees will be made based on demonstration of the following criteria:

  • The program has demonstrated an impact on creating an environment that enhances the Indigenous student experience on campus.

  • The professional or group of professionals have displayed cultural humility and cultural competence in their dedication to promoting the learning outcomes associated with the program. 

  • The program has brought significant recognition to the department, institution, or organization by addressing the development needs of Indigenous students or student affairs professionals.


If the IPKC award committee believes that none of the nominees meets the criteria for the award, the committee may recommend that no award be presented. Conversely, if the committee believes more than one nominee is worthy, multiple awards may be presented.



Nominees must meet the following eligibility requirements to be recognized:

  • The primary goal of the program must be student affairs-related. 

Nomination Requirements

  • Nominators must be current members of NASPA. Self-nominations are welcomed.

  • Nominators must submit information via the nomination form. 

  • A 2-page letter of support must be submitted by an individual other than the nominator. The letter should include evidence that substantiates the nominee’s contributions.



  • The awardee will be recognized by the Indigenous Peoples Knowledge Community Leadership Team at the NASPA Annual Conference.

  • The award will consist of a cultural memento and/or a certificate of achievement. 


Previous Winners:

2021 | Native American Research Internship Program, School of Medicine, University of Utah
2018 | K-12 Stepping Stones Pathway Program Native American Cultural Center, Colorado State University
2017 | American Indian Student Services, University of North Dakota
2015 | The Center for American Indian Studies, Black Hills State University
2014 | Aboriginal Resource Center, University of Guelph
2013 | Indigenous Scholar Development Center
2012 | AISS- Student Service, University of New Mexico

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