Dr. Arthur Taylor Student Commitment to Service Award

Indigenous Peoples
Application Deadline: October 15, 2021 | Award Type: knowledge community

Dr. Arthur Taylor Student Commitment to Service Award

The purpose of this award is to recognize a student for their accomplishments and contributions toward a program that benefits Indigenous students. The award is intended to encourage the next generation of inspirational service leadership and carries forward the legacy of Nez Perce scholar, Dr. Arthur Taylor, whose personal commitment to supporting Indigenous students in higher education continues to have an enduring and positive impact. 




Evaluation of nominees will be made based on demonstration of the following criteria:

  • The nominee has contributed positively to an ongoing or one-time program designed to enhance an aspect of campus life for Indigenous students.

  • The nominee has distinguished themselves with their ability to impact and motivate Indigenous students.

  • The nominee has achieved significant growth as a leader and shows potential for continuing a strong commitment to service.

If the Indigenous Peoples Knowledge Community (IPKC) award committee believes that none of the nominees meets the criteria for the award, the committee may recommend that no award be presented. Conversely, if the committee believes more than one nominee is worthy, multiple awards may be given.



Nominees must meet the following eligibility requirements to be recognized:

  • Nominees must be enrolled at an institution of higher education at the time of their nomination.


Nomination Requirements

  • Nominators must be current members of NASPA.

  • Nominators must submit information via the nomination form. 

  • A letter of support must be submitted by an individual other than the nominator. The letter should include evidence that substantiates the nominee’s contributions.



  • The IPKC Leadership Team will recognize the awardee at the NASPA Annual Conference.

  • The award recipient will receive a one-year student membership to NASPA and a cultural memento or a certificate of achievement. If the award recipient is a current NASPA member, their student membership will be renewed upon expiration of their membership status.




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