Channing Briggs Small Research Grant

The NASPA Foundation has re-opened the Channing Briggs Small Research Grants. These grants, up to $5,000, support the discovery of new knowledge, new applications of theory to practice, and innovation in the field of student affairs. The NASPA Foundation invites graduate students, student affairs professionals, faculty members, as well as reseach teams. At least one member of the research team must hold an active NASPA membership throughout the time of the grant.

                                         Learn more here and apply by January 28, 2022!



Channing Briggs Small Grant Winners Include:

July 2015 Selected Recipients
  • Dana Winters, Doctoral Student, University of Pittsburgh; "College Student Development: Self-Authorship in an Era of Increased Parental Involvement"
  • Blake Silver, Doctoral Student, University of Virginia; "Navigating the Senior-Year Transition: A Qualitative Study of the Experiences of First-Generation American Students"
  • Cheryl Warmann, Director of Enrollment Services, Oakton Community College; "How Generalists Function as a Community of Practice in Community College One-Stop Student Services Center"
  • Heather Rowan-Kenyon, Associate Professor, Boston College; “Racialized Aggression and Social Media on Campus”
  • Susan Marine, Assistant Professor, HE, Merrimack College; “Campus Sexual Violence & Prevention Educators’ Use of Gender in Their Work: A Critical Exploration”
  •  Daniel Tillapaugh, Assistant Professor, Counselor Ed, Cal Lutheran; “Shattering Perceptions: Experiences of Men Who Survived Sexual Violence in College”
  •  Elizabeth Niehaus, Assistant Professor, University of Nebraska &  Letitia Williams, Asst. VP Student Support Services, University of Trinidad & Tobago; “Exploring Student Engagement and Student Development in Caribbean Tertiary Education”
  •  Will Simpkins, Director Career Services, CUNY & Doctoral Student, NYU; “Welfare Recipients at a Four- Year College: Reaching for a BA in the “Work-First” Era of Public Policy”
July 2014 Selected Recipients
  • Ahlquist, Josie, "Developing Digital Student Leaders:  A mixed methods study of student leadership, identity and decision making on social media"
  • George Mwangi, Chrystal, "Foreign-Born Black Collegians Learning Race in a U.S. Context"
  • Vigil, Darsella,  "Institutionalizing Support for Undocumented Students in American Higher Education: Through a Racist Nativist Framework"
  • McDaniel, Anne, "Undergraduate international students’ perspectives on student engagement"
  • Daoud, Nina, "I (Too) Am: A phenomenological exploration of microaggressions in higher education"
  • Cho, Ah Ra, "What Does Direct Evidence Via Card Swipe Tell Us About Student Engagement and Retention?: A Study of the Engagement Research Index Project"
  • Linder, Chris, "Theory to Practice in Student Affairs: A Photo-Elicitation Study"
  • Sax, Linda J., "Exploring student-parent communication patterns during college: Considerations of race, class, and gender"
  • Tillapaugh, Daniel, "The Experiences of High-Achieving First-Generation College Males from Rural Maine"
  • Hughes, Bryce, "How a Jesuit University Addresses LGBT Issues: A Case Study"
  • McClelland, Molly, "Understanding the Expectations and Transitions of For-Profit Transfer Students to the Four- Year Institution"
July 2013 Selected Recipients
  • Appel-Silbaugh, Cara, "Within scope but out of sight: A study of wellness culture at a high achieving   STEM institution"
  • Gipson, John, "A Comprehensive Investigation of High-Achieving African American Students Attending Community Colleges: A Mixed Methods Research Study"
  • Chinn, Nancy, "Concussion Knowledge and Community College Student-Athletes: Uncovering Factors that Influence Self-Reporting"
  • Jodoin, Elizabeth, "Assisting Distressed College Students: Assessment of an Online Interactive Training for Student Support Professionals"
  • McGuire, Keon, "The Stories We Tell"
  • Poon, OiYan, "Student-initiated conferences: A phenomenon of Asian American student agency and community leadership"  
  • VanDerLinden, Kim, "The Role of Student Affairs Divisions in Regional Accreditation"
  • Whitford, Heidi, "Contextualizing the Higher Education Opportunity of Undocumented Students in Florida: Perspectives of Student Services Administrators"
July 2012 Selected Recipients
  • Cox, Bradly, Self-Authorship Among Active Student Affairs Professionals
  • Godlewska, Anna, Engaging and Retaining Aboriginal (First Nation, Métis and Inuit) Students in University by Transforming Awareness and the Environment
  • Jenkins, Toby, All in the Family: The Importance & Utility of Integrating Family into the Co-Curricular College Experience
  • Sriram, Rishi, The Continual National Measurement and Assessment of Student Affairs Competencies
  • Vacchi, David, Defining and Describing the Contemporary Student Veteran Population
January 2012 Selected Recipients
  • Harper, Sean, Teaching and Learning about Race in SA & HE Graduate Programs
  • Stebleton, Michael, The Experience of Immigrant College Students Attending Large Research Universities in the US
  • Weber, Stacy, How College Access Programs Facilitate Access to Higher Education for Low-income, first generation college students