Foundation Events



The NASPA Foundation sponsors a variety of events and programs aimed at raising awareness and support for research and innovation in student affairs. Every Foundation initiative invites your participation and leadership - check on a few current events below to learn how you can participate.

NASPA Annual Conference Foundation Booth 

Subject Matter Experts

The Foundation will offer a several nationally known speakers on a variety of topics for participants to bring to campus.  Information, pricing, and topics will be available at the Foundation Booth.  Rather than being auctioned, these sessions will be available at a fixed cost, with the speaking fee benefiting the NASPA Foundation. Plan to stop by to learn if one would be a strong resource for your campus needs.

 Pick a Prize Raffle(s)

Instead of our traditional Silent Auction, we’re offering a limited number of prizes by RAFFLE. Attendees have the opportunity to purchase raffle tickets for a chance to win the prize of their choice. Members can buy one ticket or several and select the items they would like to chance to take home! Examples include gift baskets from the Regions, Regional Conference registrations and other exciting items.  Stop by to learn more in the Convention Center.