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Utilizing Career Readiness Competencies to Elevate the Student Employment Experience

Virtual Live Briefings Student Success Career and Workforce Development AVP or "Number Two" Mid-Level New Professional Senior Level

Student employees play a vital role in the success of an institution. But the struggle to hire students has become more pronounced in the last year. As educators, we have a responsibility to not only give students a paycheck but also help them connect with the broader skills and learning that result from on-campus employment. Adopting a career readiness framework for student employees can help add value for both you and your students.


Iowa State University embarked on this journey several years ago, resulting in the creation of the ISU Career Ready framework. Attendees will be given a brief overview of the data surrounding the need for career competencies. Next, we will cover the creation of the ISU Career Ready framework and highlight several departments and offices on campus implementing the competencies, most prominently Recreation Services. Finally, we will walk through and share a practical toolkit full of ready-to-use documents and materials to help you in your journey!


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