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June 24, 2024

Manicur Applications Launch

NASPA Alice Manicur Symposium

Division/Group Events Supporting the Profession Equity, Inclusion and Social Justice Center for Women AVP or "Number Two" Faculty Mid-Level Senior Level

The Alice Manicur Symposium is an engaging and supportive environment for you to learn and reflect on your personal goals and aspirations. The Symposium is specifically designed for student affairs professionals who identify as women or outside the gender binary and who are emerging senior- and senior-level professionals (typically director, AVP/DOS, and similar positions) considering a path to serve as vice presidents of student affairs or other executive-level roles.

The Symposium is an application-based professional development experience offered every two years and allows time for in-depth discussions and small, faculty-led mentor group sessions. Additionally, attendees meet one-on-one with experienced VPSA faculty members, as well as participate in content sessions on topics such as: strategic thinking, leading change, planning for career advancement, and personal and professional life balance.

Participants should have completed a master's degree. In the past, many participants have been working on a doctorate or have recently completed one. The symposium is geared toward mid-level managers who report directly to a senior student affairs officer or academic officer of the institution, and who would consider a VPSA or executive role as a possibility within 1-2 next positions. Participants usually have oversight of one or more functional areas with responsibilities related to selection and supervision of staff, budgeting and planning, and/or program design and implementation.  

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Learning Outcomes


  • Understand the multidimensional, evolving, and diverse roles of senior student affairs leaders

  • Reflect upon the intersections and tensions of identity, personal and professional life, and the VPSA role

  • Explore and assess knowledge, skills, and talents required to thrive as a senior student affairs leader, with consideration of the organizational contexts where one may choose to serve

  • Identify and deepen the appreciation of one’s own leadership gifts and areas of growth

  • Learn and develop a plan to apply strategies for next career steps 

  • Establish a meaningful mentoring relationship with a faculty member and connect with a network of cohort peers who will provide feedback and support regarding career aspirations


Manicur Faculty