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2020 NASPA Region IV-East AAKC Virtual Drive-In Conference

Virtual Conferences and Institutes

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Presented By

African American


Need some technology assistance to access the event - join this Help Desk Link

Help Desk is open on 10/16 from 12 pm to 6:00 pm CST.

Please share your feedback through the conference evaluation here.

The 2nd Annual AAKC IV-East Virtual Drive-In Conference, sponsored by NASPA Region IV-East, will be held on the afternoon of October 16, 2020 and will be FREE to all participants. This 1/2 day virtual experiences aims to uplift, inspire, encourage, and motivate #BLKSAPs in the field of Higher Education. The theme of this year’s Conference is “The Search for Black Identity in Higher Education.” This theme is extremely important, especially in the current times we are living in.

We hope that each conference attendee leaves with the knowledge, skills, and confidence that our identities as Black/African American Student Affairs professionals matter and have value within the field of Higher Education and Student Affairs. We also hope that each individual is inspired and empowered to continue their journey in the field.

Additionally, we hope that attendees can articulate the value of affinity groups and culturally affirming practices within varied institutional contexts. 2) Be able to demonstrate an understanding of how to effectively navigate challenges associated with the work environment and burnout and 3) how to effectively develop professional community across functional areas and values systems and solidify a plan of action for personal and professional wellness.

Keynote Speaker

Lamar R. Hylton, Ph.D. currently serves as the Vice President for Student Affairs at Kent State University. In this role, he provides vision, executive leadership, oversight, and direction for the Division of Student Affairs, comprised of 23 departments, and serves as the institution’s chief student affairs officer. He also represents Student Affairs on several institutional committees and work groups. Utilizing experiences drawn from his dissertation research, and as a first-generation college graduate three times over, Dr. Hylton is personally invested in giving back to the students that he serves. He works towards impacting academic achievement, college satisfaction, and student success. Prior to this role, Dr. Hylton served as the Dean of Students at Kent State. He has served in a variety of different roles in fraternity & sorority life, residence life, student conduct, student activities, commuter student programs, leadership development, and multicultural affairs at various institutions around the country. A native of Columbus, OH, Dr. Hylton received his bachelor’s degree in Vocal Music-Performance from Morgan State University in Baltimore, MD; his master’s degree in College Student Personnel from Ohio University in Athens, OH; and a doctorate in Higher Education Administration from Morgan State.


Need some technology assistance to access the event - join this Help Desk Link

Help Desk is open on 10/16 from 12 pm to 6:00 pm CST.

12:00 pm
12:30 - 1:30 pm
1:40 - 2:40 pm
2:50 - 3:50 pm
4:00 - 4:45 pm
4:45 - 5:00 pm
5:30 - 6:30 pm

Video rooms open.

Welcome & Keynote: 12:30pm- 1:30pm CST

  • Welcome from AAKC IV-East Representatives
  • Welcome from Region IV-East Regional Director- Dr. Danita Brown-Young
  • Welcome from Current National AAKC Director- Demetrius Gary
  • Introduction of Keynote Speaker- Brian Richardson Jr.
  • Keynote Speaker- Dr. Lamar Hylton
  • Release to Educational Sessions/Announcements- AAKC Regional Representatives

Educational Session 1 “Affinity Group Conversations”: 1:40pm-2:40pm CST

The purpose of the “Affinity Group Conversations” is to provide a safe and brave for conference participants, based on their current professional level, to share their experiences as a #BLKSAP in the field and learn from other colleagues strategies on how they have navigated the spaces that they are currently in; especially during the current times we are experiencing as a field and society overall.

3 Breakout Sessions/Rooms (by level--grad/new professional, mid-level, senior-level)

Graduate Students & New Professionals

Facilitated by AAKC IV-East Leadership Team Members:

Joseph Ballard II, Lola Banks, and Josclynn Brandon

Mid-Level Professionals

Facilitated by AAKC IV-East Leadership Team Members:

Rodrina Moore and Brian Richardson Jr.

Senior-Level Professionals

Facilitated by AAKC IV-East Leadership Team Members:

Monica Liggins-Abrams and Dr. Lisa Jackson

Educational Session 2: 2:50pm-3:50pm CST

The Reoccurring Rupture of Racist Acts on PWI campuses.


Presenter: Prince Robertson -Assistant Director of Student Conduct at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville and AAKC Co-Chair Elect.

Description: An open discussion on the causes of the reoccurring rupture of racist acts on PWI campuses. Can anti-racism groups create change? This discussion is designed for us as practitioners to share tools to minimize the surge of racialism which has become all too familiar in the higher education landscape. Designed as a virtual round table setting, participants are encouraged to share the perceived causes of continual systemic racism and solutions; and how anti-racism groups can be effective in the change with support from faculty and staff.

The Art of Slay


Presenter: Brittany Collins and Derrick Robinson

Description: The transition from grad to new professional can be a whirlwind of emotions and experiences that require tact, support and dedication to self-care. This session aims to provide some guidance on this journey based on the experiences of two new professionals who believe the rewards can be reaped along the way. Join us as we collectively discuss “The Art of Slay” (Seek Love. Affirm Yourself.) And challenge the notion that self-sacrifice equals productivity during your first year. Follow us on Instagram: @TheArtofSLAY, @brittanygrams, @mrderrickrobinson

Black & Exhausted! Knowing When to Sit Out and When to Show up


Presenter: Demarcus Merritt

Description: 2020 has been doing THE MOST! The Culture is continuously positioned to survive and thrive through the independent and intersecting impact of multiple pandemics; which includes the disproportionate effects of COVID-19 and management of present day and generational racism-rooted truths and traumas in this country. This has undoubtedly affected how we are able to show up for the Culture, on the job and in our variety of roles as Student Affairs Professionals, and most importantly for ourselves!!! We are Black, we are exhausted, and we are Black and exhausted!


This presentation will equip Black and African American professionals with critical strategies and tactics. These proven practices will support the effective development of holistic harmony between showing up for various aspects of the movement for the Culture, navigating and negotiating the journey of our Black Identity Development in our Student Affairs Professional roles, and when to “sit out” for self-care of Racial Battle Fatigue.

Mo’Melanin, Mo’Problems: How Race Impacts Supervision


Presenter: Jason Timpson - Director of Multicultural Student Affairs at Ohio Wesleyan University

Description: This presentation explores the intersections of being a person and professional of color and effectively supervising staff of color. Professionals of color may find themselves caught between a professional and personal response to offensive language, bias incidents or managing daily occurrences of micro-aggression. Supervision of racially privileged staff members can also contribute to the complex struggle. The same goes for staff of color supervised by a racially privileged person. This presentation offers a space where participants will gain insights into the successes and challenges of being a supervisor of color, supervising staff of color, acknowledge how being a supervisor of color may impact supervision styles and skills, examine possible connections between campus climate and professional development, and share personal reflections of best practices.

Utilizing Restorative Practices to Heal and Restore Peace Within the Black Community


Presenter: Anthony T. Williams Jr.-Director of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution at Grand Valley State University

Description: For many student affairs professionals, the year 2020 has presented challenges like no year before. The impact of these challenges must be unpacked. Restorative practices have been used to bring communities together for hundreds of years. During this session, participants will have an opportunity to explore restorative practices and a variety of processes designed to facilitate healing and peace.

Senior Student Affairs Officers (SSAO) Panel: 4:00pm-4:45pm CST

  • Dr. Danita Brown-Young: Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, University of Illinois- Urbana Champaign
  • Dr. Phillip “Flapp” Cockrell: Vice President for Student Affairs/Vice Provost- University of Toledo
  • Dr. Toyia K. Younger: Senior Vice President of Student Affairs- Iowa State University
  • Dr. Michael Anthony: Vice President of Student Affairs & Institutional Effectiveness- Prairie State College
  • Moderator: Dr. Lamar R. Hylton- Vice President of Student Affairs- Kent State University

Closing & Recognition: 4:45pm-5:00pm CST

  • Remarks from AAKC Regional Representatives
  • Closing Remarks from Incoming AAKC Director- Janelle White
  • Closing Remarks from Incoming Region IV-E Director- Bernard Little
  • Announcement about Virtual Happy Hour

Virtual Happy Hour: 5:30pm-6:30pm CST (Optional)

  • Room 1: Black Card Revoked
  • Room 2: Scattergories
  • Room 3: Conversation & Music

Session Presenters

SSAO Panel