Region I

Region I

Region I is dedicated to serving the needs of NASPA members in what would broadly be described as New England and Eastern Canada. Our goal is to provide members with a forum to address regional issues while providing specialized professional development and networking opportunities.

Message from the Director

Dear Region I Family,

I am humble and honored to be your Regional Director for the next two years. NASPA has been my professional home for over 15 years and my involvement regionally has led to many opportunities on the national level. NASPA have given me a network of colleagues and friends that have contributed to my personal and professionally growth and I hope you get to experience that as well.

For the last two years, I have witnessed many of you act with compassion, lead with resilience, and lean on each other as we navigated a world that brought a lot of uncertainty. I am confident that we will continue to be support each other and tackle what comes our way.

As a region, we will continue to change internally to grow externally. We will expand on what has been done in the past, critically look at the present, and focus on how to create a better future for our members.

We need to welcome challenges as educational opportunities. We need to accept our strengths and areas of growth to foster change. Together, we will become a stronger organization.

I encourage all of you to explore the various opportunities NASPA Region I has to offer. From our Knowledge Communities to our signature events such as the UBUNTU Institute, I hope that each of you creates your own path of engagement and involvement with our organization.

If along the way, you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to me or to members of your Region I Advisory Board. We are excited for what is to come!


Alex Cabal

Region I Director

Director of Diversity Initiatives and Engagement

College of Arts, Media, and Design @ Northeastern University

Advisory Board

The Region I Advisory Board (RAB) is comprised of NASPA members appointed by the Regional Director except State Directors, who are voted by members of the respective states. Member of RAB oversees the various operations of the Region as well as representing the state organizations within Region I and coordinating with the Knowledge Communities, Divisions, and other constituents at the NASPA level. Please reach out to member of the board to learn more about their role.

Get Involved

NASPA Regions are run and supported entirely by the continued hard work and contributions of our volunteers. Region I offers numerous volunteer positions and opportunities for our members to become involved. Whether it’s taking on a leadership role or helping out at a drive-in, there’s something for everyone.

To see all available volunteer opportunities go to Volunteer Central



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Signature Initiatives

New Professionals Mentoring Institute (NPMI)

In continuing the tradition of providing unique and high quality professional development opportunities, NASPA Region I is proud to offer the 10th Annual New Professional Mentoring Institute (NPMI). The NPMI was launched in the fall of 2008 as a means to provide new, full-time professionals in their first two (2) years in the profession instructional sessions co-facilitated by seasoned student affairs administrators and faculty, as well as mentorship from a mid-level or senior level Student Affairs professional. The program takes place over the course of four sessions.

Mid-Level Institute (MLI)

A Region I signature event, the Mid-Level Institute provides professionals with 5-8 years of professional experience an opportunity to explore the challenges and rewards of leading from the middle.  The cohort based model increases regional connections and offers mentorship from a chief student affairs officer.  The engaging sessions with seasoned student affairs officers, the collegial support, and the time for reflection all make the institute a unique experience. The Institute is scheduled for four days, one day in each of the months of March through June.

Student Affairs Leaders of Tomorrow (SALT)

The Student Affairs Leaders of Tomorrow (SALT) conference is designed to help undergraduate students explore the field of student affairs as a career path. Participants will have the opportunity to meet other student leaders who share their same interests, discover the variety of functional areas available to them, meet professionals in the field who will provide guidance, mentorship and direction, and have a chance to learn about and meet representatives from the various graduate programs in student affairs in our region.

Senior Student Affairs Officers (SSAO) Institute

The Senior Student Affairs Officers (SSAO) Institute is an opportunity for Chief Student Affairs Officers/Vice-Presidents of Student Affairs to discuss topics and issues relevant to their positions. The Institute includes a dinner on Sunday Night and a half-day of programs on Monday. The topic of the SSAO Institute changes every year.

UBUNTU Institute

The mission of the NASPA Region I Ubuntu Institute is to be a leadership development opportunity designed for student affairs professionals of color. The Institute will inspire emerging professionals, ranging from graduate students through mid-level professionals, to reach their full potential and serve as a pathway to leadership within institutions and associations through a cohort based model. The goals of the institute are to aid participants in navigating the complexity of higher education as professionals of color through the lenses of strength, empowerment, resiliency & authenticity.


One of the best resources available to you is the wide range of professional development opportunities. This list contains both our “Hosted Events,” workshops and webinars that we plan and manage, and some “Related Events,” hosted by the NASPA Central Office or other NASPA Constituent Groups. To see a full listing of NASPA events, please see the Events page.

If you are interested in planning an event for the Region, you must fill out this form. The completed form will be sent to your Regional Director and Regional Treasurer for approval. Once approved, they will connect with the NASPA Central Office and a staff member will reach out to you for training and event set-up. 


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State Chapters

Region I State Chapters are led by State Directors who are voted by their respective state members. Each State Director oversees a leadership team that is responsible for content knowledge and programs within their state. Please contact your State Director if you are looking to get involved.




The following timeline details some of the important events, projects, or initiatives that were created by Region I since 1989. Each piece of information is found in the minutes taken during Region I Advisory Board Meetings, which are also located on the website for further reference.

Date                      Event, Project, or Initiative

January 1989

Membership goal of 455 exceeded by 10% to 488 members ∞

May 1990

ACPA and NASPA joined forces to form the Maine Association of Student Affairs Personnel, marketing heavily toward undergraduate students; Region I only region with a Network Coordinator.

August 1990

Membership is 499 ∞

September 1990

Andy Matthews named as Region I liaison to Canadian and International Members to recruit and increase members.

May 1991

Placement Conference takes place at Babson College (MA) with 200+ candidates and 50+ positions – giving Regions II and III the idea to host a similar conference.

April 1991

Kathleen Yorkis, dean of Student Affairs, Bentley College (MA) attends White House Briefing on Fraternities

May 1991

Region I paves the way for opportunities and discussion of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual conversation through the GLB Network. ““Region I has much to be proud of.  There are a number of regions where gay, lesbian and bisexual are not easily or openly addressed.  The network is appreciative of opportunities this region has made available.  These include: space in the newsletter, display space at the regional conference, sessions on the conference program, encouragement from regional leadership.  The continuation of these opportunities is anticipated.”

May 1991

Membership is 587 ∞

September 1991

Regional Advisory Board approves formation of a Disability Network for Region I

December 1991

Paula Rooney, Vice President of Student Affairs from Babson College (MA), and Region I Past Vice President, announced as a candidate for the President-Elect of NASPA.

December 1991

Membership up to 594 members ∞

January 1992

Region I’s Disability Network approved at the national level

February 1992

Region I teleconference on “Understanding and Meeting the Needs of Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Students” cosponsored by NASPA & ACPA

September 1992

NH sponsors statewide conference for students of color

December 1992

Region I develops “Discussion Group” on the Internet

January 1993

622 members ∞

March 1993

NASPA Annual Conference held in Boston, MA celebrating the 75th Anniversary of NASPA

March 1993

717 members ∞

September 1993

888 members in Region I.  The region is flourishing having had hosted the Annual Conference in Boston, picking up an additional 300 members from the conference. ∞

September 1994

Region I Network for Women in Student Affairs co-hosts with Interventions Consulting Group: Women Transforming College Campuses at Worcester State College (MA), facilitated by Peggy Jablonski of Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

July 1994

Began the planning and implementation in partnership with Rochester Institute of Technology to provide a three-day workshop on technology for senior student affairs officers

July 1994

International Education Network Created for the purposes of encouraging professional connections with colleagues in other countries

November 1995

NASPA revised its strategic plan and mission impacting goals and focus of Region I

June 1996

Joint day conference with International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators (IACLEA) IACLEA in Springfield, MA

October 1997

Regional drive in conference for new professionals and Graduate Students at Trinity College in Collaboration with NEACUHO

March 1997

Jack Warner of Bristol Community College (MA) in Region I becomes president of NASPA

September 1998

NASPA Region I exceed goals for membership with 121 institutional members and 755 individual memberships ∞

November 2002

An undergraduate conference track was created at the regional conference in Waterville Valley, New Hampshire

January 2003

First Mid-level Institute was established to help mid-levels in career development by Dave Zamojski

June 2007

The undergraduate pre-conference was renamed to Student Affairs Leaders of Tomorrow (SALT) in Burlington, Vermont

November 2007

35th anniversary of the Region I conference which featured a band called “Back in Time”

January 2009

New Professionals Mentoring Institute created to provide mentoring and professional development to new professionals by Laura DeVeau & Jenn Kosses

July 2009

NASPA Region I Ireland conference created to establish greater connection amongst members abroad, 40 in attendance.

March 2009

Faculty Summit becomes a part of the Region I Conference

November 2010

Lunch and learn workshops integrated into the Region I conference in Manchester, New Hampshire

June 2011

Region I hosts a Switzerland Conference at Franklin College themed “Integrating Residential Communities in International Environments” is launched to encourage greater discussion across borders, ten different countries were represented

June 2013

NASPA Region I is represented in the Boston Gay Pride Parade, first time NASPA is represented in a parade in its history. 

April 2013

Candid Conversations program is started at Region I conference in Rockport, Maine

April 2016

Mid–level, senior level position added to Region I advisory board

November 2016

Region I advisory board offers support for institutions and colleagues given new FLSA requirements




Region I Newsletter - May 2019

Strategic Plan

NASPA National Strategic Plan Goals

  • Deliver dynamic, innovative, and timely professional development and volunteer engagement opportunities to build the leadership capacities and effectiveness of student affairs professionals
  • Generate scholarship and disseminate knowledge that supports evidence-based, innovative, inclusive, and socially just student affairs practices
  • Lead public policy and advocacy efforts that shape the changing landscape of student affairs within higher education
  • Provide leadership for student affairs in integrating existing and emerging technologies
  • Develop and promote NASPA’s identity as a global student affairs association