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Sharon Jackson

MultiRacial KC Chair Candidate

Assistant Director
Kent State University

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Candidate Statement

I am writing to submit my interest in consideration for the position of Multiracial Knowledge Community Chair that was posted on Volunteer Central. The prospects and responsibilities presented in this posting are intriguing, and I believe that my experience and commitment to the MRKC and its mission will serve me well if selected.

Upon joining NASPA in 2015, the Multiracial Knowledge Community caught my eye immediately; so much so that I reread the title multiple times to make sure that my eyes were not playing a trick on me. I was ecstatic to see that NASPA valued the experience of multiracial, mixed-heritage, and transracial adoptees enough to give them a space where research, advocacy, and a sharing of experiences could happen. I jumped in headfirst by writing for the 2016 iBook, then a blog, and then by joining the Leadership Team in 2017. Since then I have held positions as a Research Co-Chair, Region IV-E Representative, and as a member of the awards committee. In my roles I have worked on initiatives such as the Annual KC Publication, tabling at conferences, and will be adding hosting socials and a roundtable discussion this fall.

If given this opportunity I would work with my leadership team as a united front, and my hope would be to spend our term focusing on the themes of engagement, collaboration, and advancement. These are three themes that are broad enough that no matter what individuals make up the leadership team we could come up with actionable steps for each, but specific enough that we can work together to create a unified vision.

When thinking about engagement, this engagement would include not only the general membership but also the leadership team. I would want to work with the Engagement Chair to build upon initiatives to maximize the monthly leadership call time regarding team building and to find ways to build buy-in amongst the team in order to inspire new ideas. Since my top five strengths are Maximizer, Strategic, Individualization, Achiever, and Activator; I find team dynamic and helping individuals pursue their definition of excellence is vital to the success of the whole team.

Emphasizing collaboration on the national and local level is something that I would be interested in continuing to build upon. Past and current Co-Chairs have fostered a great relationship with the MRN in ACPA. This is a collaboration I want to make sure is continued. I would also like to work with region representatives to discuss their respective regions and see what type of collaborations make sense. This will give the MRKC a chance to expand their audience and impact, and it will highlight the intersectionality of our membership.

My ideas in advancement currently mostly revolve around advancing the MRKC mission. Particularly as it relates to our transracial adoptee initiatives. Currently there is a work group looking into this aspect of the KC, so I would like to make sure that the recommendations of that work group and the results from our membership survey are looked at with a critical and intentional eye. The results of this work group will mark a defining moment in the MRKC’s relatively short history, and it is important that it is handled with care and discernment.

My involvement in the Multiracial Knowledge Community has been a series of defining moments in my professional development. Being offered the opportunity to be a small part in the legacy and work of this group would be a great honor that I would not take lightly. Please find attached my résumé for your review. Thank you for your time and consideration.