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Nadia Campbell

Student Leadership Programs KC Chair-Elect

Director, Chidsey Program for Leadership Development
Davidson College


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Joint Candidate Statement

As we continue to navigate an uncertain era, one thing that is certain is that collaborative leadership is needed now more than ever. So it is with great honor that we submit our candidacy as the National Co- Chairs for the Student Leadership Programs Knowledge Community. Our respective commitments to the Knowledge Community have granted us the opportunity to see the impact its work has on individual professional development of leadership educators across the country. We aim to continue the legacy of the Knowledge Community’s encouragement of its members to contribute knowledge to the profession through their unique skill sets and distinctive world lenses.

Our Vision:

  • Recruit a diverse SLPKC leadership team - providing representation across regions, institutional types, and experience levels
  • Continued investment in communication - directing growth for more external communication
  • Building community across the SLPKC and encouraging different forms of involvement for members, recognizing the changing availability and workload of our members
  • Build relationships and continued collaboration across multiple knowledge communities
  • Facilitate opportunities for engagement with SLPKC membership
  • Share innovative ideas across the SLPKC in a timely manner and recognize the positive contributions of our colleagues in the field

Together, we can build on the successes from the past several years and meet the challenges we all face up ahead in the coming years. This will require ongoing collaboration, a commitment to supporting culturally relevant leadership education, and engagement with the full Student Leadership Programs Knowledge Community.

Christine Hernandez is the Director for the Office of Student Engagement at Whittier College. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in English from California State University, Fullerton, a Master of Science in Education in Higher Education from the University of Pennsylvania, and a Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management from George Mason University. During the course of Christine’s career, she has led as a regional representative for the Women in Student Affairs Knowledge Community and as a volunteer for Elect Her - a national nonpartisan political training program for women. Since 2017, Christine has been a member of the SLPKC Leadership Team as the Spotlight Series and Awards Co-Chair.

Nadia Campbell is the Director of the Chidsey Program for Leadership Development at Davidson College. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Educational Psychology from Mississippi State University and a Master of Arts in Student Affairs; Higher Education from Louisiana State University. Her 10+ year career in Higher Education has spanned housing and leadership development. She has been a member of the Knowledge Community for two years as the Communications Team Liaison.

Humbly, we seek your support as National Co-Chairs of the Student Leadership Programs Knowledge Community. We hope to build upon the strength of the SLPKC, namely that we are a team of committed professionals engaging in earnest discourse and innovation within student leadership.