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John Armstrong

Off-Campus and Commuter Student Services KC Chair-Elect

Director, Off Campus and Commuter Student Services
University of Connecticut

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Joint Candidate Statement

A student’s living environment plays a critical role in how they engage with their college environment. The two distinct populations we serve have unique needs, and as such, it’s important to understand how best to support them.  From a commuter student who travels long distances to take classes and whose family is dependent on them financially to a student who lives in a rental close to campus and may hold large social gatherings, support and engagement look different. We, John Armstrong and Dr. Jeremy Moore, would like to enthusiastically submit this statement of interest in serving as the KC Co-Chairs for the Off-Campus and Commuter Student Services KC.

In this role, we would like to assist colleagues with advancing their programs and identifying ways to support their off-campus and commuter students through NASPA. With a Knowledge Community that is relatively new, outreach and marketing to institutions about off-campus and commuter resources available through NASPA is critical. As members of both NASPA and the International Town and Gown Association (ITGA), the strength of our candidacy lies in the ability to coordinate with long-standing colleagues who are experts in this area of higher education. Through this outreach, we can promote promising practices, encourage new membership, and explore ideas for original scholarship to contribute back to this body of work and field of study.   

Further, as the OCCSS KC Co-Chairs, we would hope to build upon these efforts at the international level through scaling initiatives and amplifying the voices of the professionals doing this work and our students whose truths are alive in their lived experiences as off-campus and commuter students. It is also our goal, in any realm of influence we may find ourselves, to identify ways to honor and celebrate the work and thought leadership that has been done previously and to champion the fantastic efforts of colleagues today. This critical work is often not well researched or discussed, and on many campuses, is not represented by physical or staff-related support assets.

The OCCSS KC symbolizes a commitment to furthering our understanding of this majority student population within higher education as practitioners and scholars. As housing costs and housing insecurity continue to rise within many communities along with the overall cost of education, this is a critical time to continue the discussion on barriers impacting our students and their successful retention and persistence to graduation. To this end, we are committed to building on a foundation of inclusion, universal design and access, storytelling, and resource sharing for the OCCSS KC and hope to have the opportunity to do so as the OCCSS KC Co-Chairs.

 We thank you sincerely for your consideration of allowing us to serve the OCCSS KC and NASPA in this manner.

 A little more about Dr. Jeremy Moore

I currently serve as the Assistant Director for Commuter and Transfer Student Services within Off-Campus Housing & Neighborhood Relations at the University of Colorado Boulder. During my doctoral research on first-year commuter students and subsequent involvement with the OCCSS KC over the past two years as the Region IV-West OCCSS KC representative, I have worked to shepherd conversations with a focus on moving towards action with resources, support strategies, and innovations informed by the student’s lived experiences and truths. I am excited to submit this joint statement of interest to further my work and investment in the OCCSS KC.

 A little more about John Armstrong

I am the Director of Off Campus and Commuter Student Services at the University of Connecticut. In this role, I serve as a University liaison with a number of external agencies including Town Officials, State Police, Property Managers/Landlords, Faith Leaders and Citizens.  I am a member of NASPA’s Knowledge Community for Off-Campus and Commuter Students and the International Town and Gown Association(ITGA). With all of my combined experiences, I’m confident I can make a positive difference in this role as Co-Chair of the Off Campus and Commuter Student Services Knowledge Community. I’m excited to partner with my colleague, Dr. Jeremy Moore from CU Boulder, to lead this Knowledge Community.