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Jodi Bailey

2021-2023 Region II RD

Associate Vice President for Student Affairs, New Jersey City University
2021-2023 Region II Director-Elect

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Candidate Statement

I am humbled and honored to be considered for the Regional Director position for Region II. Over the last eleven years, I have spent a great deal of my professional development within NASPA, and I am forever thankful for the opportunities it has provided me.

My professional philosophy has always been about building relationships, collaborating with others, and work towards a common goal. I have taken this same approach within my time at NASPA. I have worked hard within each role I held, trying to leave each one moving forward positively. I have often worked behind the scenes, ensuring that our members have had the best experience we can offer, no matter what the venue or conversation that is occurring. I have had the privilege to be part of the Region II advisory board in a variety of roles. Currently, I am the co-chair for the 2020 Mid Manager’s Institute. I was the co-chair of the 2019 inaugural Joint Region II/III Conference held in Washington D.C., the Special Events Coordinator to the Advisory Board from 2016-2018, the Chair of the Region II Conference in 2015, and I was the Treasurer to the Advisory Board from 2008-2014. I was also honored to have won the Fred Turner Award for Outstanding Service to NASPA. Recipients of this award have given significant volunteer service to NASPA via leadership roles, at least ten years of continuous and active individual membership with NASPA, and have made a substantial contribution to the advancement of NASPA.

I have also been involved with NASPA on the national level. In 2019 I was on the National Conference Innovative Programming Committee. For the last four years, I have been asked by the national office to be a co-presenter for event and conference training for all regions. In 2014 I was the National Conference Volunteer Coordinator, and in 2013 I was on the National Conference Speaker Selection Committee. 

Before my time with NASPA, I was involved in NEACUHO, where I was the chair of the Social Issues Committee. It was during this time that I learned the importance of supporting professional colleagues, the need for continuous education and the true meaning of professional development. I had the honor of receiving the Women’s Issues Outstanding Achievement Award, and the “Elizabeth Sinkowicz Reid” Outstanding New Professional Award, given to a new professional who has contributed significantly to both their home institution and to NEACUHO. 

I am excited to see what role NASPA will play in the future of higher education. As our campuses shift and the profiles of our students change, I believe that we, too, must do so, and I wholeheartedly advocate that Region II be at the forefront of this shift. As we in the northeast look towards declining enrollments, financial cuts, and an unsure political paths, I believe it is going to be necessary now more than ever to create relationships within our profession. If elected Regional Director, I would focus my time on opportunities of collaboration across the region where we can learn and grow from the expertise we have around us. Our community colleges have been longstanding leaders of student success that many four-year institutions are now looking to model their programs after. Our HSI’s and HBCU’s have traditions and services that create pathways to degree attainment for our students of color and first-generation students that we all can look towards as best practices. Our graduate students and new professionals can teach us what works, what does not, and how to reach students where they are. My goal is to bring people from different areas of expertise together. To have people present, lead conversations, and to help create a path of professional development for all levels within NASPA, to continue to recognize each area individually but to also come together collectively to exchange ideas and best practices. I also believe in maintaining the steps we have taken in our Strategic Plan. Having a robust and united professional higher education organization will be vital in ensuring that our students are represented and heard.

Thank you for considering me for the Region II Director and look forward to the possibility of serving you.