James Quisenberry Headshot Update

James Quisenberry

Technology KC Chair Elect

Director, Student Affairs Technology
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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Candidate Statement

The Technology Knowledge Community provides student affairs professionals an opportunity to share and learn together.  A group like the TKC can provide a place where the best practices and the capabilities developed at our member institutions can be collected and amplified to others.  The TKC has done great work over its history and I would like the opportunity to use my leadership and organizational skills to continue that legacy and hopefully surface and support new ideas to add to the past accomplishments.

I would be focused on three areas as the chair of TKC over the three-year term, two of them being more general goals with one being specific. The first area would be to ensure the structures and accomplishments of the past and current chair are maintained and supported.  The great work which TKC has completed needs to continue and moved forward.  I would make sure that those elements such as the awards program, the journal, and the technical competency assessment continue to be healthy and move forward.  

The second general area will be increasing the awareness and engagement of both TKC members and the broader NASPA community with TKC. We need a stronger and more active membership and we need to be doing relevant work for the profession to engage with our broader NASPA colleagues.  Steps are being taken this year to increase the visibility of TKC at the national conference, and we can expand those ideas to get greater visibility and engagement at the regional conference. We can also leverage relationships with other professional organizations such as EDUCAUSE, ACUHO-I, and the SAIT Pros to engage more people who could make us stronger and benefit from collaboration.

My third and more specific goal involves developing another tool for NASPA member institutions, similar to the value provided by the technology competency assessment.  We can development a peer review model that would allow student affairs units to look at their technology portfolio and determine areas they would like to have reviewed. The TKC can create the model that includes the areas of review, some broad criteria for reviewing those areas, and find potential reviewers with the right expertise in our membership. A mature model would allow a student affairs unit to request a review from TKC and the group could both identify the areas to review and a small team of 2-3 reviewers who could work with the unit for the review.  The outcome would be stronger organizations with better knowledge and confidence in their technology investments.

My background includes two recurring themes that would help me serve as the TKC chair. I have worked in a diverse set of organizations both professionally and in my public service life. This theme makes me comfortable with the breadth and variability of student affairs units across NASPA. In each of the different organizations I have been a part of, I have always leaned towards providing leadership.  In many cases this has led to more formal leadership roles. Both of these tendencies, to be comfortable with complex and changing organizations and to provide guidance and direction from where I am in those organizations would be useful in chairing TKC.  It is an exciting opportunity to consider and look forward to serving if I am elected.