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Dr. Rameen Ahmadi Talesh

Region VI Director-Elect

Assistant Vice Chancellor Student Life & Leadership/Dean of Students
University of California Irvine

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Candidate Statement

It would be an honor to serve in the role of Regional Director for NASPA Region VI. My parents were immigrants that shared with me the value and transformative nature of education in the world we live in. I have spent my entire student affairs career in Region VI, while being involved in NASPA at the local, regional and national level. I am grateful to the many mentors and leaders that have touched my life through Region VI, and I believe I will be able to fully represent the association as Regional Director during this most challenging time.

If elected as Regional Director, I will encourage engagement in our Association to further strengthen our diverse membership. Region VI has a fantastic spirit and part of my charge would be to continue the talent development in the region through our mentorship programs and regional events. I will celebrate the outstanding work being done in the region while representing the best interests of our incredible membership at the National Board level.

NASPA members and programs are a source of inspiration and support when times are difficult. Currently, we are living through a pandemic, struggling with how the nation grapples with systemic racism and once again are thrust into fiscal challenges that face our institutions, and specifically our field of student affairs. Now, more than ever, we must support one another and cultivate our professional growth. As Student Affairs professionals, we must attempt to shape a more inclusive and equitable community both inside and outside higher education. In terms of service to NASPA, I believe the more you put in, the more you receive back in terms of personal and professional growth. NASPA members continue to work selflessly and passionately on behalf of community. We grapple with difficult situations and moments but continue to rise up because our mission on behalf of students is clear and transparent.

I have served on numerous NASPA panels, programs, and committees and just finished chairing our 2020 NASPA Western Regional Conference ,which pivoted to a virtual event. For four years, I coordinated the National Conference Graduate Fair. I enjoy working with teams and pride myself on my ability to move groups forward. I have reviewed the job duties and believe that I can dedicate the time and energy to serve in this role.

My current goals include:

  • Continuing to cultivate our membership, bringing in a new generation of leaders while
  • maximizing the talents of our experienced colleagues
  • Lead inclusive dialogues on issues related to social justice and inclusion
  • Represent the best interests of our Region VI membership both locally and nationally

In closing, I have a passion for student affairs, as I believe the work we do is important and meaningful. When you are doing work that is congruent with your values, it allows you to thrive, and I have been blessed to be surrounded in this amazing field by outstanding mentors and colleagues. After 30 years in the profession, I would be honored to give back to our membership and serve as your Regional Director and thank you in advance for your consideration.