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Dr. Mylon Kirksy

Region III Director-Elect

Senior Director, Residence Life
University of Texas at Austin

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Candidate Statement

I am writing this letter to express my interest in serving the NASPA organization as the Region III Director. I have been a proud, dedicated and contributing member of the NASPA organization and the field of student affairs for over 20 years. I was introduced to NASPA through the NASPA Undergraduate Fellowship Program (NUFP) when I was an undergraduate student and have been involved ever since. I seek this leadership role in order to contribute and give back to the profession at one of its highest leadership levels. 

Throughout my time in NASPA, I have had the pleasure of: serving on the Region VI and Region III Boards; chairing a regional conference; serving on annual and regional conference committees; presenting at conferences; reviewing conferences proposals; serving in Knowledge Communities; and being a mentor in the NUFP. All these experiences have given me tremendous insights into the operations, programs and services of the NASPA organization, and have allowed me to meet and connect with colleagues all around the world. I have committed myself wholly to the field of higher education, and have given my all to the work that I have done in student affairs and for NASPA. I have maintained high personal and professional standards of leadership and ethics. In 2006, I was awarded the Mid-Level Professional Award while serving in Region VI. I was so proud to receive that award because it signaled to me that my colleagues viewed me as an outstanding and contributing leader within the profession. Since that time, I have been nominated for other professional and programmatic awards. I endeavor to continue to live up to the expectations of my colleagues and the trust that they have placed in me. 

If chosen to serve as the Region III Director, there are three areas that I would focus on with members of the region and the international organization: the future of student development and engagement in student affairs; diversity, equity and inclusion; and increasing involvement of graduate students and new professionals. 

The COVID-19 environment has disrupted the way we do work in our profession. This disruption has presented us with opportunities to reimagine how to serve and engage students, support our NASPA membership, support the mission and goals of our institutions and advance student affairs within the higher education landscape. As we move through and beyond COVID-19, it is my hope that we take the lessons learned and incorporate them into our strategic thinking and strategies for charting a path for the future of student development, membership engagement and the work of student affairs. Working together as a region and entire organization, we can meet this challenge. 

In many ways the world is awakening to the historical and systemic social inequities and injustices spawned by unresolved tensions surrounding race and a legacy of white supremacy. This is of particular importance to our Region III given the history of slavery, segregation and discrimination within the U.S. South. I believe this is an opportune moment for us to lead in the conversation and improvement of outcomes around issues of diversity, equity and inclusion. We can do this work through both individual self-improvement and collective action. As Regional Director, I would be honored to help lead us in this effort. 

Graduate students and new professionals are the future of our profession. I would want us to place a strategic focus on helping them cultivate interpersonal relationships and professional networks within the association. The NASPA organization has already made great strides to diversify and increase the membership and engagement of undergraduate students, graduate students and new professionals. My hope is that we can build upon these successes. 

In reviewing my application to serve as Region III Director, it is my hope that you see my vision, commitments and leadership involvement in NASPA and the student affairs profession as evidence of my capacity and preparedness to contribute and lead in this role. 

Thank you, kindly, for your consideration.