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Dr. Jason Umfress

Enrollment Management KC Chair-Elect

Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management
College of Coastal Georgia


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Joint Candidate Statement

On campuses across the country, it has never been more important for student affairs professionals to understand the critical role enrollment management plays in the success of the institution. The Enrollment Management Knowledge Community (EMKC) serves as a central repository for resources, inquiry, scholarship, and shared best practices as we seek understanding and support across varied functional areas. As a student affairs professional-turned enrollment manager, I understand the importance of having this resource and would work passionately to ensure it becomes the nexus for support, connecting theory to practice and promoting collaboration between these important areas of our profession. 

As a EMKC Co-Chairs, we will collaborate with other EMKC leaders, NASPA staff, or NASPA leadership in the execution of the duties of the role, to promote the benefits of the EMKC, or create new knowledge related to student affairs or enrollment management. We will represent the NASPA EMKC members’ interests and needs to all interested parties, national organizations, and NASPA leadership. We will strive to increase membership by promoting the EMKC to all of the regions and encouraging members to submit program proposals to national, regional, and state conferences. As EMKC Co-Chairs, we will organize and participate in all EMKC related activities, including leadership and business meetings and coordinate, in conjunction with the EMKC leadership team, the collection and dissemination of KC related resources for the education and use of the EMKC membership.