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Dr. Freddie Sánchez

Latinx/a/o KC Chair-Elect

Associate Director, Programs & Inclusion
California State University - Northridge


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Joint Candidate Statement

We, Evelyn and Freddie, are honored to submit an application in consideration for the position of Co-Chairs for the Latinx/a/o Knowledge Community (LKC). As current and past members of the leadership team, we have had the privilege of representing as regional representatives thus providing a greater understanding of our community and how we can best serve them. We have been able to forge strong relationships in our time in these roles that will assist us in engaging our familia within NASPA and beyond. We will strive to continuously ignite and support the dedication of our members to ensure all voices are heard.

The existence and presence of the Latinx/a/o Knowledge Community has been integral within NASPA and has led the way in different initiatives that have opened the path for additional support and development. One prime example is the creation of the Escaleras Institute implemented in 2015 which allowed over 60 Latinx Student Affairs professionals the opportunity for professional development, networking that paved a path for many long lasting relationships and forged a foundation to represent more voices in critical conversations about higher education and student affairs.

Our collective experiences as devoted members of the LKC along with our time on the LKC leadership team as well as other NASPA roles, such as experience on the regional board, allows us the opportunity to bring forth those experiences for the betterment of our members. We believe that our experiences, creativity and innovative approach, can provide a strong foundation to continue our traditions built within the LKC as well as create new opportunities to develop new traditions, increase our reach to new members and focus on new initiatives that will advance our student affairs profession.

We plan on achieving our goals of expanding our efforts by assessing how the LKC has aligned within the overarching structure of NASPA and the 37 Knowledge Communities.  We will review the latest version of the strategic plan, assess and implement new modifications, if needed, to meet the current objectives of (1) Advocacy, (2) Comunidad, and (3) Development. Given our current virtual environment, there is an opportunity to reinvigorate our efforts in how we support the leadership team in their roles as well as our general membership. Additionally, we would like to have one on one sessions with all of the leadership team members during our time as Co-Chair Elects in order to obtain a full understanding of their roles and how their roles impact the team, the KC, our members and NAPSA as a whole. We also plan to support and strengthen initiatives already developed, including celebrating the accomplishments of all our members, creating more pathways to doctorate programs and the advancement of our colleagues with their professional goals.

Our fierce commitment to our LKC familia is beyond measure and we believe that this will allow us to continue to move forward the efforts of the LKC along with our skill sets of tenacity, organization, community building, assessment, transparency and creativity. We want to provide a home away from home for all who are striving to find that familia within NASPA that will always be there to support in a multitude of ways. The time to rise and empower each other is now! We are ready and committed to help lead the way with the support of an amazing group of individuals such as yourselves, willing and able to enhance the legacy of the Latinx/a/o Knowledge Community for current and future generations.

Evelyn Ortega (she/her/hers), Region 2 KC Co-Coordinator and former LKC Region 2 Representative & Social Media Chair

Freddie Sánchez, Ph. D., LKC Region 6 Representative and LKC Virtual Learning Engagement Coordinator