C. Oliver Tacto Headshot

Dr. C. Oliver Tacto

Wellness and Health Promotion KC Chair-Elect

Associate Director of Communication, USC Student Health - Office for Health Promotion Strategy
University of Southern California


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Joint Candidate Statement

Together, C. Oliver Tacto and Ashleigh Hala, express strong interest and enthusiasm in serving as Co-Chairs for the Wellness & Health Promotion Knowledge Community (KC). Currently, Tacto serves as the KC’s Communications and Marketing Coordinator (active since 2017), and Hala serves as the Professional Development Coordinator. Hala and Tacto are currently involved in many national and regional wellness and health promotion initiatives (through NASPA and ACHA). 

Separately, both Hala and Tacto have made significant contributions to the KC. 

As the inaugural Director of Wellness and Prevention Services at Babson College, Hala has built a comprehensive, strategic approach to advancing student health and well-being. Hala is spearheading a health equity webinar series and co-authoring a blog post on maximizing protective factors at the population-level. 

Tacto is entering his tenth year at the University of Southern California and currently serves as the Associate Director of Communication for USC Student Health - Office for Health Promotion Strategy, backbone for the USC Well-being Collective. Tacto has rebranded the Wellness and Health Promotion KC social media presence, planned and organized the KC business meeting at the 2018 and 2019 NASPA Strategies Conferences, and authored last year’s KC publication titled, “Using a Collective Impact Framework to Create Infrastructure for Health Promotion.” Tacto also serves in an academic faculty capacity in the USC Keck School Medicine, Department of Family Medicine. His doctoral dissertation and ongoing research focuses on creating a standard student wellbeing index survey and embed student wellbeing in the college and university planning process. 

Collectively, Hala and Tacto share long-term goals for the KC. First, they plan to engage the community of seasoned and newer professionals. Using the Okanagan Charter as a universal framework to drive the work, Hala and Tacto plan to ensure that stakeholders are equipped with tools, knowledge, and resources that can enhance student wellbeing from a systems-level, healthy-settings and community engagement perspective. Lastly, Hala and Tacto aim to provide relational high-level leadership, offering both high accountability, high support, and diverse, equitable, and inclusive perspectives into practice. 

Both Hala and Tacto have the great pleasure of working with and learning from Dr. Shawnte Elbert and Ashley Hinton, the current co-chairs of the committee. Consequently, their relationship and rapport with the KC’s current members is evidenced from the support and success of the KC’s active roles in webinars, publications, recruitment, and other activities with NASPA. 

Hala and Tacto are driven, innovative, inquisitive, and would be grateful for the chance to represent a team of thought leaders in well-being through NASPA.