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Christian Rafael Suero

Wellness and Health Promotion KC Chair-Elect

Assistant Director for Staff Development, Engagement, and On-Boarding, Office of Housing and Residence Life
George Mason University


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Candidate Statement

My name is Christian Rafael Suero (he/him/his), and I am currently the Assistant Director for Staff Development, Engagement, and On-boarding as well as a Ph.D Candidate in Sociology at George Mason University. I currently serve as a Co-Chair for Candidate Development for The Placement Exchange (TPE), on the 2021 NASPA Wellness Planning Committee, and in 2020, I had the privilege to join the Wellness and Health Promotion Knowledge Community as the Coordinator for Mentorship. While this was the first opportunity to launch a mentorship program for the Wellness and Health Promotion Knowledge Community, it will not be the last opportunity to change this space. Within my first few months in the Knowledge Community, I wanted to embedded myself within NASPA community to maximize the potential we have. Further, when looking ahead, I seek to increase our overall presence and engagement in NASPA and with other Knowledge Communities

I will arrange this statement into three parts, 1.) leadership, 2.) assessment, and 3.) goals. 

Leadership: If selected to become the Chair of the Wellness and Health Promotion Knowledge Community, I want to ensure everyone is included. My leadership approach is that we are all accountable for what is produced and we succeed as a team. Through this lens, I will schedule 1-on-1 meetings with Coordinators within the Knowledge Community to ensure they feel supported in their role as well as ways that I can empower them for their own professional development. While these positions are volunteer, I seek to ensure individuals gain capital (social and or cultural) during their time in the Knowledge Community. As a leader, I will represent my team, advocate for my team, and most importantly uplift my team. 

Assessment: If selected to become the Chair, I want to hear from of members and community as well as benchmark our efforts. First, as wellness, health, and well-being has an impact on all professionals and employees, I would asks for community feedback to ensure we are creating goals/projects in alignment to those who we serve. Second, for all our projects and roles, I would seek to create assessment and evaluation tools to ensure we are on the path of success. We can also learn from assessment to change and or modify our actions properly for the community we serve. 

Goals: Below are the four goals as Chair, I would strive to achieve. 

  1. Increase Membership Involvement: As a Knowledge Community, I want to ensure we are engaging with our community and to improve membership involvement throughout our initiative. This could mean creating communication plan, finding new ways to include members in our community, as well as reshaping what involvement could mean as a leadership team. 
  2. Improve Social Media Engagement: With so much engagement being virtual during a time of COVID-19, social media serves and will continue to serve as a key variable in information sharing and engagement. As much, one of my goals is to improve our social media presence across all platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn) to further serve our growing population or professional. Additionally, we as committee will work to define what is our brand and what we strategically would envision this engagement. 
  3. Create Opportunities in Health, Learning, and Well-Being: From online webinars to panel sessions, and from social events to mentorship; I seek to improve how we engage with higher education and student affair professionals during my tenure. This would mean to reimagine the way we create opportunities in this knowledge community. 
  4. Increase Awareness of the intersectionality of identity in relation to wellness and health: This is a personal goal as a person of color and member of the LGBTQ+ community. I want to ensure that the information we share are serving as many audiences that we can. Additionally, I hope that we can partner with organizations that serve different populations to discuss the importance of wellness and health. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this statement and I hope I can serve our community well if selected.