Brian Medina Headshot

Brian Medina

Gender and Sexuality KC Chair-Elect

Program Manager, Bias Incident Support Services
University of Maryland, College Park


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Joint Candidate Statement

Brian Medina (ze/hir) and Jody Randall (she/her)

As candidates to serve as co-chairs for March 2022 to March 2024, we offer a platform focused on four strategic initiatives: Centering experiences and healing; Advocacy and voice/public policy; Sustaining and strengthening the Gender & Sexuality Knowledge Community’s programmatic efforts; and Flexibility and commitment to the future of the student affairs way of life.

Centering experiences and healing:

This year has taught us how much we need to center the experiences of marginalized populations and focus on restorative practices to heal the harm caused by systemic oppression. As co-chairs, we will not simply draft statements of affirmation or solidarity, but will hold ourselves and our communities accountable to tangible actions as we advance racial justice within LGBTQIA+ communities and among others in the student affairs profession working on matters relative to gender and sexuality.

Advocacy and voice/public policy:

Empowering the lives and amplifying the voices within our communities is an individual and collective practice. We will advocate through the Public Policy and Equity, Inclusion, and Social Justice Divisions to ensure our members and our concerns are heard, honored, and that we are given the resources necessary to advance our work within our Association and profession.

Sustaining and strengthening:

If elected, we would serve as co-chairs for March 2022 - March 2024. It would be presumptuous to propose new programmatic opportunities for the knowledge community when none of us know how or when we will emerge from this pandemic. It will be some time before we understand the lasting implications on our profession and our institutions from the pandemic, strained resources, online engagement, and advocacy efforts of students, faculty, and staff. We are committed to sustaining existing collaborations and programs, while seeking to strengthen them after such a difficult time. As opportunities arise, we will work to advance new initiatives as part of the leadership team for the Gender & Sexuality Knowledge Community. 

Flexibility and commitment to the future of student affairs as a way of life:

We believe that leadership requires vulnerability, honesty, and authenticity. It is an exciting time and daunting unknown of challenges to consider taking on a senior leadership role for the knowledge community. We recognize the flexibility that will be required of us and other knowledge community leaders. We commit to an inclusive and just future for our profession, acknowledging that through struggle must come progress.