Bernard Little Headshot Update

Bernard Little

2021-2023 Region IV-E Regional Director-Elect

Dean for Students, Waubonsee Community College
2021-2023 Region IV-E Director-Elect

Bernard Little is currently the Chief Diversity Officer and Dean for Students at Waubonsee Community College in Illinois. Before starting at Waubonsee, Bernard served as an Assistant Dean of Students at DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois. Prior to that role, Bernard served in several capacities at The University of Illinois at Chicago, University of Chicago, and the University of Richmond. Bernard holds a B.A. in Communication from Bowling Green State University, an M.S. in Higher Education from Miami University, and is currently completing his doctoral studies at DePaul University.

As a professional in the field for 15 years, Bernard has progressive leadership and administrative experience in advocating for students and championing issues of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. Bernard spends time engaging with students and staff to change organizations to best support the current needs of access and opportunity for all who seek higher education.

Bernard serves on several boards and working groups, but holds the distinct privilege of serving as a father, brother, son, partner, and friend. Partner to Krystal Pernell-Little, a Finance Executive, and dad, chef, transporter, and cleaner to his two daughters Peyton Little and Parker Little. The family resides in the Southside/Hyde Park area of Chicago.