Ashley Buchman

Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
Arkansas State University Newport

Dr. Ashley Buchman is currently the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs at Arkansas State University-Newport. ASU-Newport is a two-year college in Northeast Arkansas. At ASU-Newport, she is directly responsible for the day-to-day operations for student affairs and student services. Recently, ASU-Newport was selected as one of fivtwo-year college in Arkansas to receive intensive coaching for Achieving the Dream’s Holistic Student Supports Initiative.  This experience has allowed her to work across functional boundaries of the institution to create a culture focused on student success and planning that is aligned with institutional strategic priorities. These involvements allow her to have a greater insight into the importance of the recruitment of students, alignment of support resources, and their impact on student retention. Additionally, her undergraduate degree in Marketing, Master of Business Administration, and doctoral research in recruitment strategies and marketing strategies at two-year colleges make her a qualified presenter.