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Teletherapy for Access and Equity: Reimagining Campus Mental Health

Virtual Live Briefings Health, Safety, and Well-being Health, Safety, and Well-being Initiatives Wellness and Health Promotion

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Even before COVID-19, addressing the campus mental health crisis has long been a top priority for student affairs leaders – and it has only grown more important as we emerge from the pandemic. How are new technologies helping universities more effectively support students, and how are universities implementing these tools on their campuses? Lydia Zopf of Carthage College will discuss the approach Carthage took to support student mental health needs, sharing data and best practices to inform other institutions’ strategies.



                                                                                        This event is free and open to all members.

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Uwill’s mission is to expand mental health access and services to colleges by building on technology-enabled models that have been validated in recent years. 

Learn more about their services and solutions.