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The purpose of the Parent and Family Relations KC is to identify, promote, and share current research and best practices in the area of supporting and engaging families of undergraduate students. Additionally, the KC seeks to provide valuable information on interacting with parents of college students via programming, compilations of current literature, and web resources.

Message from the Chair

Welcome to NASPA’s Parent and Family Relations Knowledge Community Website! We hope our KC enables you to foster positive interactions with parents and family members on your campus. From creating a parents program to searching latest trends, we have you covered.


The PFRKC Seeks To...

  • Identify and share current research and best practices in the area of college parenting as well as promote opportunities for new research
  • Provide valuable information on interacting with parents of college students via programming, compilations of current literature, and web resources

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The following list of resources is a perpetual work in progress.  If you know of additional resources (e.g., journal articles, monographs, books, videos, websites) relevant to Parents and Family Relations, please email the technology coordinator/KC blogger: Shaquille Lowe

You can find the ACPA/NASPA Professional Competency Areas for Student Affairs Educators as well as other Professional Standards information here.

Development and Transition
Parent and Family as Partners
Programming/Best Practices for Engagement
Hot Topic, Compelling Issues, and New Trends About Parent and Family Relations
  • Parents of first generation students
  • Parents of students of color
  • Mental health - facilities and support
  • Safety - residence hall and other living facilities, transportation, campus, emergency procedures
  • Confidentiality - how much can parents know while protecting the student
  • "Helicopter" parents - dealing with them, involving them in a positive way, recognizing they are not going to go away, helping student support staff understand the parents of today
  • Resources that can be provided to parents in areas such as student life, preparing parents for having a student in college, helping parents to prepare student for college, preparing parents for graduation
  • Obtaining grants for providing resources, like brochures that have been developed for parents in discussing alcohol use in college
  • Can student support staff educate the rest of the university (faculty, administrators) on dealing with parents?
  • Has informing parents of disciplinary action involving such areas as alcohol worked in decreasing problems?
  • What types of services are institutions providing to parents?
  • Institutional impact of FERPA when working with parents
  • Parental involvement with the rise in the Millennial student
  • Pre-college resources
  • How to manage parents seeking more involvement in academic arenas- course selection
  • Expectation of lots of help from university
  • Parents as sponsors for programs, events
  • Need for parent office- intentional plan to nurture parent constituency to improve student retention
  • Parents as partners for student success and parent satisfaction
  • Parents can promote positive relationship/image of university- give $ and time
  • Valuable feedback resource
  • Ways to engage parents via technology- Internet surveys, resources, information, event announcements
  • Engaging parents from other states, countries    
In the News

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