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Welcome from Region IV-East Coordinator, Jasmine Clay

Region IV-E Region IV-E
July 6, 2015


Congratulations on your acceptance to the NASPA Undergraduate Fellow Program (NUFP)! You are now part of an experience that will impact your life and your future. You join a family of undergraduates across the country exploring the field of student affairs as well as the many opportunities afforded to you by NUFP. On behalf of NASPA and Region IV-E, I would like to welcome you to a rewarding and insightful experience through NUFP.

My name is Jasmine P. Clay and I have the honor of serving as your NUFP Regional Coordinator for Regional IV-East. In this role, I hope to share my knowledge and passion for NUFP with each of you and your mentors. As a NUFP Fellow, you will explore the career possibilities in Student Affairs and find support to reach your goals. I look forward to helping you navigate the many opportunities that NUFP will provide in your life. Although I know a lot about the program, I am going to look to each of you to help me be the NUFP voice for the region. Let me know what you all need and I promise I will work hard with the regional leadership to make some great things happen for each of you this year.

I am an alumna of M/NUFP. Through the program, I had the opportunity to learn more about the field than I could have imagined. I know that if each of you takes the time to take full advantage of the opportunities NUFP provides you with, you will be able to excel in this field and truly make a difference. I have read several of your essays and through them I have gained some insight into your stories…your voice. You have something worth sharing; you have something to say…I am here to help you on your journeys to self-discovery. I think life is the best teacher and the lessons we learn truly help others. I encourage you, as you are going through the process of learning about student affairs that you will continue to learn about yourselves and in doing so offer our field and the students we serve the best of you! I look forward to meeting each of you!

Please remember that your commitment to NUFP includes a significant amount of time including time with your mentor, reading, projects, discussions and interviews with other student affairs professionals. Your NUFP experience will be defined by your commitment to meet regularly with your mentor, to explore the NUFP learning outcomes, and to take charge in molding your experience. My advice to you, embrace this opportunity to learn from your mentor, to explore new areas of student affairs, to explore other campuses through the NUFP summer internships, to enhance your leadership skills by participating in the NUFP Summer Leadership Institute, and to prepare yourself for a future in student affairs. If you seize these opportunities, you will have a NUFP experience that you will never forget.

The quality of your NUFP experience will be a reflection of the priority that you give to NUFP. You will be amazed at what awaits you both professionally and personally through this experience.

Congratulations and Welcome to the NUFP Family!

Take care,

Jasmine P. Clay, Ed.D

NASPA Undergraduate Fellows Program | Regions IV-East Coordinator

Associate Director of Residence Education

University of Michigan